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Tsugi is focusing on what we believe is most important – People.

Resume Building

In today’s business world of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), The majority of companies and industries will demand a traditional resume at some point. We can help you with that!

HOWEVER, as a candidate who wants to stand out and get noticed, a visual resume may be a tool worthy of being used. These visual presentation resumes not only tell those you network and connect with about your skills, work and educational history, they may also show your creative side and personality. We can really help you knock this option out of the park!

Organizational Training

The business world is not what it used to be. Things have already changed, and will keep changing. Don’t get left behind. While companies and organizations want to offer training and development to their people our fast paced, automated, computer based and virtual world do not inspire. We return the human connection back to the center of human development.

We offer a wide range of focus areas with flexible scheduling, all taught by industry professionals. Our customized courses can be held off-site or on-site at your location. We have delivered training, assessment, and consulting to over 11,000 people, in 20+ states and over 11 countries. We will knock your socks off!

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