Why is it Important?

By: Sal Giani, Tsugi & Redpoint Media


I have said before that believe we all have, at some point, asked ourselves “what’s next?” The question may have been as basic as; “where will my next meal come from?” Or as confusing as; “I want to change careers and industries, what do I do?” With these 2 question I do not mean to imply that someone worried about where their next meal will come from is asking a “basic” question. I am well aware of the complicated underlying issues behind “why” someone might be in that situation. What I am referring to is the basic, human nature, of asking such a question vs. the complicated backstory of asking how do I change careers. At Tsugi, we help answer those question before they are asked. We help our fellow humans prepare for the future, or what’s next, before they even need to wonder.


“We help our fellow humans prepare for the future, or what’s next, before they even need to wonder.”


How do we do this? First and foremost, we do all in our power to put humans at the center of everything we do. Real live human beings. This is true for both sides of the interaction; both for Tsugi and the person we are serving. We believe that in today’s algorithm, machine learning and artificial intelligence filled world, we have forgotten about people. There is access to information and knowledge that just 50 years ago would have seemed completely untouchable. Yet today, anyone with a smartphone can “google” anything, and in seconds have what they are looking for. This speed and access however, has a cost. I believe it is the human cost of relationships between humans. Of the bond and connection that we used to have in our society, rather than the relationships we have now; head down, staring into a glowing piece of technology.
In order to help our fellow humans prepare for what’s next, we direct our efforts toward 2 groups-


By definition, we see these 2 groups as-
  • Unemployed –
    • An individual who is not currently employed in the capacity (full time vs part time vs not at all) that they would like, and is available for work. Notice that this is a much more broad definition than the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) uses to report employment numbers. They include the stipulation that to be unemployed you must be actively looking for work, and ignore completely anyone who has stopped looking actively but remains without employment. Not to mention those who retire, go to school, have a disability or family responsibilities keeping them from working.


  • Underemployment –
    • An individual who does not have enough paid work, or not doing work that makes use of their skills and abilities fully. This includes those workers who are highly skilled but working low paying jobs, workers who are highly skilled but working low skill jobs and part time workers who would prefer to be full time.


We work with this highly skilled population because we see a need. We see that there are many services and organizations who focus on low skilled workers facing “employability” challenges, yet none focusing on highly skilled workers with “mobility” challenges. We address this latter need.


We do this by bringing hands on, human centered coaching, training, facilitation, education and preparation to both groups with the end of preparing them for whatever is next; New/Better Employment or Personal Development and Promotion.


This is why Tsugi is important. We all deserve to feel fulfilled by the work we do. We all deserve to be in a “right sized” job, doing work we are qualified to do and paid what that work is truly worth. If you are unemployed we want to help you GET employed, and if you are underemployed we want to help you MOVE up, MOVE sideways or MOVE out, and into THE RIGHT JOB FOR YOU!


The target market for Tsugi is niche, the un and under employed, yet it is huge and ever changing. As of May 2017 the U.S. U-6 Unemployment Rate is 8.4% or 27,310,080 million Americans. Like I said – HUGE! On the underemployment side of things, the number is unknowable. It is a self reported stat, and in my own non official poll I have seen the number swing wildly. However, I believe there are many more underemployed Americans than unemployed. I can’t prove it, but my gut tells me it is huge.


Today, I can’t reach 27 million people all that well. What I can, and am doing, is making an impact one person at a time. Taking 1 unemployed human and helping them move into employment, and then become upwardly mobile in that job, able to be promoted. Let’s face it, we are either unemployed or underemployed. We all rather be underemployed, but no matter where we are, we have asked ourselves; What’s next?


Don’t wait until you are compelled by unemployment to ask the question, before you seek an answer. I can help you with that!


For more information about Tsugi visit tsugi.io or reach out to us at tsugi.io/contact-us/ Fill out the “contact us” form or give us a call, we’d love to chat. Or, stay tuned here for weekly messages geared to help you!


What’s Next

What’s Next


By: Sal Giani, Tsugi, & Redpoint Media


Regardless of where we are in life, and what struggles seem heaviest, we have all asked ourselves, what’s next? The answers are rarely clear, and come quickly and decisively even less frequently. What is it about the Human spirit that wants clarity of mind and heart almost as much as it craves air? I personally have no clue. I’ve wondered, and come up empty. I can however tell you I am content not clearly knowing.


M. Russell Ballard, once said;


“Sometimes we can learn, study, and know, and sometimes we have to believe, trust, and hope.”


Such a simple statement, yet somehow it feels a lot deeper. It carries more meaning than its simple words would indicate. When asking what’s next, can we find our answer in belief, trust and hope? Or, do we insist on learning, studying and knowing? Now that, is a personal question!


Like I’ve already said, no matter our stage in life, the question of what’s next is a tricky one. And while there is no magic way to answer it; being willing to believe, trust and hope, may help. Like the quote says, “sometimes” either is sufficient. For myself, my list of answers is filled with less knowing, and more believing. Belief for me, comes easiest most of the time, and although I highly regard knowing, I am content and happy, hoping. Are you?


But the thing is I want to believe, and I’d love for others to feel the same. But let’s be completely and brutally honest; it can be really hard to believe without seeing. And while you may be thinking I’m making a spiritual point. I’m actually thinking about our belief in ourselves. The personal belief and assurance that regardless of the fight, we can, and will come out better on the other side. Win or loose, the belief, that we can learn, grow and improve our circumstances regardless of what life throws at us. I would not dare presume to tell you that I have woken up everyday of my life “believing” this. I can recall more days, when I doubted. Perhaps I can recall the nonbelieving days easier because they were the most painful and sad. However, I prefer to think it’s because those were the days of the most significant growth. The days of the most meaningful personal development. The days where even though I was down, I also picked myself back up. Isn’t that what actually matters?


No matter how much I may personally desire for others to believe in themselves, it just won’t happen unless there is action. Action on my part, but most importantly, their part. Of those 2 forms of action, I however, can only control 1; my own actions. Just as there have been those in my life that have inspired me to action, I must strive to inspire action in others. So even though my actions and efforts may be the only thing I can control, I will act “as if” I believe that those actions will no doubt inspire others to believe in themselves.


So here is what I’ve done. I have formed a nonprofit company whose focus is to inspire my fellow humans to personal and professional success. My focus in this effort is on “white collar”, “un” and “under” employed individuals. This is a group that in my experience is vastly underserved. Many, have dedicated efforts to supporting and focusing on what would be called “blue collar jobs”, or jobs that require manual labor. I am not aware of any however, that have chosen to focus on business office work, cubicle, administrative, sales and service work for example. Skilled, well paying jobs that can be career paths, and are fulfilling to many, many people.


The company’s name is: Tsugi. First of all it is pronounced “Su gi”, and is a Japanese word that means “What’s Next”. We want to help un and under employed folks answer that question.


  • I’m newly unemployed, what’s next?
  • I want to move up within my current company, what do I do?
  • I’m not happy in my current field, what are my options?
  • I’ve been out of the job market for 30 years and I have no idea what to do next?
  • I just graduated college, what’s next?


We believe that we all have, at some point, asked ourselves “what’s next?” We help answer that question before it is asked. We help our fellow humans prepare for the future, or what’s next, before they even need to wonder.


For more information about Tsugi visit tsugi.io or reach out to us at tsugi.io/contact-us/ Fill out the “contact us” form or give us a call, we’d love to chat. Or, stay tuned here for weekly messages geared to help you!